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    Floors are subject to fashions and trends, but before you indulge in the latest flooring, remember that they’re a long term investment that has to retain its form and function.
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    Your floor covering is an important part of your décor scheme and it should suit the character and ambience you want to create in a room whilst also practically matching your lifestyle
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    Belgotex® SilverCare™ is a long-lasting protection system, with a base of silver ions that penetrates deeply and envelops carpet fibres with a protective coat that lasts the lifetime of your carpet.
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    Nexus carpet manufacturer offers a range of eco friendly flooring products designed to expand the floorcovering options available to architects, specifiers and designers. And, as the commercial flooring division of the largest manufacturing operation in the Southern Hemisphere, you can be sure we’ve got a product to suit your project.
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virtualshowroomVirtual Showroom

One of the easiest ways to update or change the tone of your room is by changing your floor without major investments in new furniture or expensive restructuring. Simply select a floor that suits your style and lifestyle, add a few key accessories and voila!

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With the wide variety of textures and colours available, home carpeting from Belgotex Carpets will complement every room design and colour scheme. The fact is, they can’t be matched for sheer all-round performance and aesthetic appeal.

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reasons 2Why Carpet Your Home?

With the wide variety of textures and colours available, home carpeting from Belgotex Carpets will complement every room design and colour scheme. The fact is, they can’t be matched for sheer all-round performance and aesthetic appeal. 

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Carpet Styles 


BGTX chooseright berber


This popular carpet style has a level or textured ' loop pile ', and is often made with thicker yarns for increased durability. Ideal for informal areas, Berber carpet won't show footprints or vacuum tracks. When installing, pay particular attention to seam placement to ensure an attractive result.

Stainproof SDX

Stainproof SDX

With stainproof SDX (Solution Dyed for Xtreme conditions) carpets pigment is ‘injected’ into the nylon’s polymer while molten, to become a permanent part of the molecular structure. The result is a nylon fibre with exceptional resistance, resiliency and colourfastness that’s ideal for heavy commercial use.

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BGTX chooseright level-cut-loop

Level Cut Loop

These carpets feature both cut tips and uncut loops within the design  / pattern of the carpet. 

BGTX chooseright cut-pile

Cut Pile Carpet

This carpet can feature either straight tufts or friezed tufts and is free of any loops. The cut pile surface creates a plush texture / feel of the carpet.

Stainproof MiracleFibre

Stainproof Miracle Fibre

A highly advanced polypropylene fibre unique to Belgotex. Colourfast, stain resistant, anti-microbial and anti-allergenic, stainproof miracle fibre carpeting is also resistant to mould and mildew. Most stubborn stains can be removed simply by using an equal mix of clear household bleach and water.  

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BGTX chooseright loop-pile

Multilevel Loop

Featuring loops of different heights, this loop pile carpet has a uniquely textured surface. Great for creating intricate carpet designs. Suitable for busy commercial areas.

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